Former Business Opportunity Junkie Says…

At Last I’d Figured Out A System
For Banking £90.40 For Every
Letter I Put In The Post.

And Then They Told Me...

I Was Going To Die!”


Dear Streetwise Customer,

Can you imagine what it feels like when
a doctor tells you you’re going to die?

    They can’t tell you where it will happen, and they can’t tell you exactly how long you’ve got. But they’ve looked at the scans, they’ve analysed the results – and sooner or later it will kill you. Simple as that.

 You feel numb, you feel angry and you feel sick to your stomach…

   A million thoughts run through your mind, but one thing’s for sure – business and making money really doesn’t  matter much anymore. And if it wasn’t for that  life changing consultation I had in a hospital in Ascot just 3 years ago, there’s no way I’d be writing to you today.

Here’s what this is all about….

  In a moment I’m going to tell you how you can copy the exact system I created and  pull in £90.40 for every letter you put in the post. But first I want to tell you about myself, the money making system I created and the dreadful circumstances that have led to me writing to you today.

  My name is Robert. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m not going to give you my full name here. If you read on, you’ll see that I’ve revealed some very personal information about myself , and I’m not comfortable for that to go out in an open letter like this. If you decide to join me, you’ll get all my personal details, but for now, it’s just Robert. I’m sure you’ll understand as we go along, but if nor – well thanks for reading this far.

 Anyway, just a few short years ago, I was flat broke.  I was living in a run down area of  west London, in a cramped, down-at-heel flat above a fish and chip shop in the High Street. I won’t lie – I was a gullible biz opp junkie at the time,  looking for ‘the big one’, and nothing was working.  It got to the point where we were so broke, I had to borrow £800 from a relative just to buy food and pay the rent.

       My wife was constantly complaining, and looking back, I can’t  really blame her. I’d bought business opportunity after business opportunity with money we couldn’t afford to spare, and nothing seemed to click for me. I was beginning to  seriously doubt myself. Why were some people making good money while I was struggling?

I didn’t know, but I just kept thinking the
‘next one’ would change everything…

    I got sucked into the ‘Make Money Selling Stuff Online’ hype and put a lot of time and effort into that. Sure I was making the odd sale here and there,  but the odd sale here and there isn’t exactly life changing stuff. It’s not going to keep a roof over your head and put food on the table, is it?

    Anyway,  I realised that selling online wasn’t working for me, and started doing some research to try and find out what I was doing wrong. What I discovered, shocked me. While everyone seemed to be obsessed with selling and marketing stuff online they were missing something pretty fundamental – if you do what everyone else does, you get what everyone else gets. And what most people were getting…was not very much!

  That’s right… when I cut through all the bull, most people selling online weren’t doing any better than me. The crowd was getting what the crowd usually gets.

Now, instead of following the
crowd, I want you to imagine this…

     Next Monday morning, instead of being rudely awakened by your alarm clock before dashing out to  fight the rush-hour traffic, you do something different instead.

   After waking naturally and enjoying a leisurely breakfast, you open up your PC or laptop and spend 45-50 minutes doing a little online research.

  The purpose?

To identify just five hot prospects for  a simple service you have to offer them.

    Next, you call up a tried and tested boilerplate letter from your PC, personalise it to the five prospects you just identified, and then mail it to them by first class post. No email. No fancy online complications.  Just an old fashioned letter on paper…in an envelope with a stamp on it.

  Remember those?

   Well imagine that  within a couple of  days, one or two of these prospects call to place an order. And after the first £497 cheque drops through your mailbox… you’re hooked!

That’s right….each letter you send out
makes you an average of £90.40.

        And here's the exciting  part: By the end of the month, if you've received just two orders a week, you've earned yourself £3,976.00!

    The business I've just described is not a fantasy. And it's not magic. It’s the blueprint for the money making system  I created from scratch. And if you’ll let me, I want to teach you how to do it too.

   Once I focussed in on this, my life changed dramatically…not overnight, but within three months which I’m sure you’ll agree, is pretty close.  From the awful  start I told you about earlier…that crummy flat above the chippy…my monthly income skyrocketed and peaked at  five figures, working part-time from my new Berkshire home. 

 How had I done it?

     By tapping into a sneaky way to make money online, without needing to sell products, participate in online auctions, market by email, gamble, or  get involved in MLM (shudder!) or affiliate marketing.   I call it my offline secret to making online profits, and it brought a steady stream of £497 cheques through my mail box – virtually from day one. 

 And why do my customers pay me all that cash?

   Because they get it back again in spades!

    You see, my customers are  local businesses, based within a few miles of where I live, and I guide them to a treasure-trove of untapped profits they never realised existed. My £497 fee is just a tiny percentage of the additional profits I’m able to un-earth for them.

 And here’s what’s really exciting…

     That £497 buys them just one of the seven tricks I have up my sleeve for depositing easy (and extra) cash in their bank accounts. When I do that for them, and they see the results with their own eyes, they can’t wait to call me back in and have me show them what else I can do. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve already got their original investment back many times over. It really is a no-brainer for them.

 And that’s when the profits really start to rack up…
through repeat business from satisfied customers.

    I’ll come back to all that in a moment, but you’re probably wondering what happened to me that caused me to quit making easy money from this while I was at my ‘peak’, and why I’m now writing to you about the opportunity to pick this up and run with it today.

 It all started with a noise in my  left ear…

     Doesn’t sound much does it? But I thought I’d better  go to see my doctor and get it checked out…

   He didn’t know what to make of it and sent me to Ascot Hospital for some tests.  After an  MRI and CT scan, the consultant didn’t beat around the bush.  He told me I had  something called Arteriovenous Malformation or AVM. In all likelihood, it would kill me, He just didn’t know when.

   As you can imagine this came as a huge shock and a massive blow…so much so, that I stopped work altogether. There just didn’t seem any point any more. I was in a daze. The cruel irony of getting this grim news, just as I’d finally ‘cracked it’ wasn’t lost on me.  I think for a short time though, I just gave up.

   Several months went by, and after doing some of my own research online, I managed to get myself referred to John Radcliffe Hospital which is allied to the medical school at Oxford.

 All I can say is, thank God!

    They diagnosed something different, and it’s hardly surprising that it got missed. The doctors in Oxford told me they had  only ever had one other case like it before. What I have…or should I say had,  is extremely rare. They decided to operate. The first operation didn’t work, but eight months later I had a second operation and it was a  complete success!

    Even though I'm 100% fine now, I really don't want to work for clients anymore. (the whole experience has left both physical and emotional scars) I turn fifty next year and intend spending several months travelling through south east Asia. An experience like I just had really makes you re-evaluate things…

 I’m Happy For Someone Else To
Take Over Where I Left Off…

   And that's why I produced the business blueprint I’m writing to you about today, which will enable anyone to copy the unique business I created in their own area.. To be brutally honest, I want to do something that will allow me to make an income while I’m travelling. Believe me, if it wasn’t for the illness, I wouldn’t be doing this.

 Anyone really can make money
from the system I created…

        However, when I stumbled across this, it wasn’t all plain sailing…it took three months of hard work, determination, patience, and testing before I finally started receiving a steady supply of £497 cheques through my letter box. And that’s good news for you, because if you want to get in on this, I now know how to cut the learning curve by a whopping 95%...

        I really don’t think you'll find an easier, sure-fire way to earn this kind of money. If you're looking for a reliable way of making some serious money with almost no effort required, then this is it.

        Let’s look at the facts…     

   As you can see there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make serious money at this. Nothing is left out. Everything you need is in this programme and at the heart of the whole thing is the killer sales letter which is going to get those initial £497 cheques flooding into your mail box.

The ‘Killer’ Approach Letter

         One of the major components of this system is a letter, which you’ll be mailing out to a small number of carefully targeted prospects. This really is a killer of a sales letter! It's a proven winner that's generated many thousands of pounds in sales. Every time this letter is mailed, it makes money!

  Owning  just this highly successful ‘client grabbing’ approach letter can provide you with a reliable and steady five-figure a month income for the rest of your life.

And I wrote it!

         It’s a simple one page letter, and I created after studying the work of the late master copywriter Gary Halbert.  If you’ve never heard of Gary, Google his name. His copywriting skills are legendary. The sales letters Gary wrote pulled in millions of dollars and created huge business empires for him and his clients.  However, this killer letter wasn’t written by Gary Halbert, it was written by…yours truly! And as such, it’s mine to licence out to you as I please.

        The original letter had to be tweaked many times, before finally on the seventh attempt, I hit the jackpot. After years of trying and failing with various business ideas, it was mind-boggling to witness the power of  this letter.

Building The Business…

   Once I started banking regular cheques with my newly discovered formula, I was eager to offer my clients more services. I  decided on expanding my knowledge base in this field, and proceeded to read every book, manual and course on this subject I could get my hands on.

   Most were sheer rubbish…written by so called business guru’s who had never done anything more than write about it. But in time I uncovered some genuinely innovative and insightful experts – people like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham. Both are absolute wizards at identifying the source of hidden profits in small companies, and it was from here that I devised six new services to offer to my £497 clients.

    My modus operandi became like clockwork…

  1. Research just a handful of small local businesses who would benefit from my basic £497 service.

  2. Send them my proven ‘killer’ sales letter.

  3. Wait for the orders to come in.

  4. Carry out the service (Perhaps 3 hours of my personal time).

  5. Wait for the profits to hit my clients account (Usually takes a month or so).

  6. Go back to pitch the other services.

  It’s a system that enabled me to build a regular five figure monthly income, and the exact system I’m inviting you to copy today.

 It’s A Complete Business In A Box

        I often thought how nice it would have been to have this system packaged up in a  programme by someone like Dan Kennedy or Jay Abraham. It would have saved me from all the blood, sweat and tears and months to figure it all out by myself. But of course there was no such thing available.

    What would I have been willing to pay for  a pre-prepared blueprint? I’m not sure, but I can tell you one thing for sure, it would have been a lot more than the £497 that I am going to be asking from ‘Joe Public’ when the system goes fully live next year. I think you’ll agree that this is a fair price considering that you can make this amount on your very first local business deal.

But wait…if you act very quickly, I
have some better news for you!

            I’m currently in discussions with  Streetwise Publications for them to publish and market my system. They have asked for a number of testimonials from people who are already using my system before marketing it at full price.

 Guess what…I don’t have any – yet!

     This is brand new, you see…  You’re one of the first to hear about it.

      That’s great news for you, because if you agree (after you start profiting from the system) to send me an honest testimonial by email, then I am willing to discount the price by a  massive 80% off! So you can get all this for only £97.00  And I’ll even ship it to you for free!

 Just 12 Testimonials Needed!

    I must tell you I’m looking for just 12 testimonials. Once I receive all the testimonials, the price of the system will increase substantially. If you’re serious about making your first £497 online, then you should  jump on this very  quickly. I cannot guarantee this ridiculously low price for long.

    So what will this £97 actually do for you?

   It will provide you with a complete, easy to read, step-by-step plan that you can follow to start making money right away.

 Here’s What You Get…

      Your system  package will include:

       - My Killer Sales Approach Letter

       - Prospect Worksheet

       - Client Invoices

       - Press Release & Free Report

       - Outsourcing Agreement Documents

       - Overdue Payment Letters

    In the system package, you’ll discover:

…And a great deal more.

       This isn't a "get rich quick" scheme – the  system will require a little time and effort on your part but… 

   -   You won't need cash or capital to get started. Just £7  the price of a few stamps and envelopes, will get you under way. 

   -   You won't need a a few cases it would be helpful, but not necessary.

   -   You won’t need youth . Maturity and experience are excellent assets to have. 

   -   You won't need an office. Just one corner of a spare room is sufficient, heck you could even use your kitchen table if you have no other room! 

And Best Of All?

You won’t have to wait!

   The project can be started within a few hours of you ripping up the package, reading the step by step manual and viewing the seven short videos.  There is only  one reason why you might not succeed at this...and that reason is inertia. Doing nothing!  It seems the majority lose out, not because they lack intelligence, will power or ambition, but because of procrastination, inertia or lack of action.

     Remember what I said earlier?

   Do what the crowd does and you get what the crowd gets. Not much! Please don't be one of the crowd. Make a decision to at least take a look at this while you are reading this letter. Make a positive decision – right now.

       Still sceptical?

    You should be. One thing I learned from all those years buying business opportunities is that not everything is as straight forward as it seems. There are people out there who are trying to deceive you. I don’t want you to worry that I’m one of those people, so I’m going to completely reverse the risk here by giving you an…

 Unconditional  30 Day Money-Back- Guarantee

     You can order your copy of  'How To Make  £497 Mailing Five Letters’ on approval.  If you decide for any reason whatsoever that the system isn't right for you, or doesn't live up to your expectations, you can return it at any time within 30 days for a full refund - no hassles, no questions asked. With this 30 day pay-nothing-promise, there’s not a single reason why you shouldn’t try this out for yourself.

    It means if you send the system back for refund, you've been able to get every detail of my system  Heck, it even means you could take the information in the system manual, use it to make yourself £2,000 or more…and still ask for your money back!

   To be perfectly honest with you, this scares the hell out of me, but John Harrison has promised me that this offer will exclusively restricted to existing Streetwise Publications customers, and these are people who play fair.  If a system ‘does what it say on the tin’ then they won’t take unfair advantage.  Well I know my system does exactly what I say, so I’m going to put my trust in you.

    To get hold of your copy of the system on approval, CLICK HERE, or call the Streetwise Publications credit/debit card hotline on 01709 361819 I’ll make sure your package, complete with manual, video access and the other materials is rushed out to you by the first available post. One thing my horrible experience has taught me is that life can be short, and there isn’t a moment to waste.

   Act today, right now while you’re thinking about it. There really is absolutely nothing to lose by taking a look.

    Very Best Wishes,



 PS   The special price of £97  for my system package is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Once I have sufficient testimonials,this low offer price will not be repeated again, If this is of interest to you, reply today.

 PPS  Don’t forget you’re covered by my publishers’ Iron Clad Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with what you receive, it won’t cost you a penny!






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